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Staying in Touch

Ali and her duck

Life can be just 'ducky' © Phil Jacobs

Greetings to my Blog fans. I write in a vacuum until I receive a comment or criticism. But I write because I have to. I need to. It is like breathing. And yet, I hardly seem to get time to breathe, breathe deep and nurture my soul.

If my writing touches someone else, all the better but I do it because I have to. Why is it that something that is so essential to me usually ends up at the bottom of the list or the back of my ‘To Do’ book?

In fact, I have pages upon pages of ideas for blog posts. There is an entire file drawer filled with stories I have written and started to write. None has yet reached the light of the publishing day.

Alison*s office

Alison*s office © Phil Jacobs

My office is filled with the seeds, sprouts and sometimes flowers of the work I have done over the last 30 or so years in areas seemingly unrelated except for the fact that I had to do them. They were like breathing, like feeding and nurturing my soul.

What is next? I never know what is next. I only know what is now. And what are now is photojournalism, stories about people, projects, ideas, history, transition, design, technology and anything else that moves me.

gas station

Abandoned gas station © Phil Jacobs

It is like breathing. I have to do it. Even during my morning and evening strolls, I will stop to photograph an image that I must preserve. I will even spend an hour interviewing a complete stranger about something that I see or sense that fascinates me. I leave no stone unturned. Each situation is an opportunity that only come around once.

cherry sneakers

Happiness is a pink polka dot lunch bag and cherry sneakers © Phil Jacobs

I leave the house for an assumed brief period of time to get a breath of air. I am breathing. I am walking. I have to do it. And then I notice that the air I breathe, the walk I take and the time I spend exploring the day and everyone as well as everything I encounter all transform me.

My soul is nurtured, my heart is fed, and my spirit sings. I have ‘stopped to smell the flowers’, been reborn and am filled with inspiration for my next project.

What will it be? I do not know. I only know what I do now.

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